Customized Sailing Tour Bonaire

Customized Sailing Tours Bonaire

on request

Whatever you would like to do… just ask us and we can give you a fantastic time on our boat.

We can give you a time to remember and a great experience.

So we can do special occasions like birthdays, weddings, renew your vows, special dinners… etc.

Even if you have a difficult time, we can help to make it a time to remember!

Just let us know about the date, the amount of persons and we will be in touch to ask you about your special requests.


Other Activities



2:30 - 7:00pm (Tue & Fri)
BBQ & Snorkeling Sunset Sailing Tour
Sail, snorkel and enjoy our all-inclusive BBQ
sail and snorkel bonaire cruise ship passengers


3 hours tour
Sail and Snorkeling Special for Cruise Passengers
A great 3 hours trip for cruise ship passengers

from $165

half day / full day
Boat Rental for Wakeboarding
Rent your own 6-persons boat
dutch sloep boat rental bonaire


full day incl. fuel
Dutch "Sloep" Boat Rental
Rent our Dutch Sloep "Orange" 6-persons boat


10:00am - 1:00pm
Coastal Snorkel Cruise
A 3 hours coastal cruise with the opportunity to snorkel


5:00pm - 7:00pm
Sunset Tour
Cruise on one of our boats during sunset and enjoy the Caribbean Sea


9:00am - 12:00noon
Sailing & Snorkeling Tour
Sail, snorkel and experience Bonaire's underwater world