Sailing Tours


3pm – 7:30pm 


BBQ / Sunset Tour

We leave the harbor from Plaza Resort and set sail and join us during a great sail next to the coast of Bonaire. Sit back, join the view, relax and have fun……..with a drink in your hand.

We will stop on one of the great snorkel spots so you can go in the water and experience the underwater world.

Meanwhile we prepare the BBQ so when you are back on board you can enjoy great food and drinks.

And during the Sunset we sail back to the Harbor to end a great day on the waters of Bonaire.


3hr sail 


Sail / Snorkel Tour

During our 3hr sail and snorkel you will have a great time on and in the waters of Bonaire.

First we set sail and enjoy the wind in your face when we are sailing to one of the great snorkel spots on Bonaire.

Once we are there you have plenty of time to jump in the blue water and have a great swim or snorkel. See what is under you in the water……

Come back on board and with a drink in your hand we sail back.


Customized Tours

Whatever you would like to do…….just ask us and we can give you a fantastic time on our boat.

We can give you a time to remember and a great experience.

So we can do special occasions like birthdays, weddings, renew your vows, special dinners……..etc.

Even if you have a difficult time, we can help to make it a time to remember!